Saturday, August 15, 2009

grumble grumble..

ok, so now i'm employed. am i happy? nope! i hate my job! it's not like it's's just oh-so-boring! so now that's not a new sentiment, nor is it rare... who doesn't hate their job? (if any of you have your hand raised please leave coz i hate you!)

but then, nothing's new. i hate everything that happens to me. when i was in school i hated having to sit through maths and physics and chemistry and geography and history and... i'd just sit in class, first period and wait for the bell for second period, second period starts and i'm waiting for the next up until recess! those 15 minutes were heaven.. then i'd wait for lunch then i'd wait for school to be over.. ten years of school and all i learnt was how to keep your eyes on the clock while pretending to pay attention! its no wonder i'm no harvard graduate! the only math i know is how to read the time... does that even count as math?

i'm just so worried that my whole life will go by just like this, in this exact same manner.. waiting for what comes next, hoping it'll be better. right now i sincerely hope my life gets better. why is nothing happening to me.. minus all the bad stuff.. ok, re-phrase.. why doesn't something good happen to me...soon! i'm so bored and restless.. i dont even know what to look forward to!

it's funny, i always thought that knowing exactly what you don't want kinda helps you know exactly what you want.. eh, misconception! i think i know what i don't want, but what i want is still a mystery!

you know what's ironic? i hate my job, and my job is to find people jobs.. go figure!

p.s: any suggestions as to what i should do with my life?

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  1. yup.....I've got one!

    Just Chase your Dream....