Monday, August 10, 2009

of vibes, brains and bad luck!

what is with the secret?

i've never been much of an optimist, so as far as sending good vibes out into the universe is concerned i'm a complete slacker. it's this quote i heard when i was a kid;

"The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised." George Will

and it seemed to work for me almost 100% of the time. i'm not saying my life is this beautiful showcase of achievements, quite the opposite actually, but the thing is i've always got better than i expected... which i guess would've been easy considering how i only expected the worst all the time!

then rhonda byrne went and wrote her book, and suddenly everything changed. my best friend puja is the world's biggest propagator and believer of the secret, and most times she leaves me no choice but to listen to her and force myself to hope for the best. which is so hard for me to do.

you know, it's not like i've never been optimistic. i have. but, when i'm being optimistic, i'm being unrealistically so... expecting magic! i'm a big dreamer! not the visionary kind who dreams and then works on those dreams and emerges victorious, but a loser dreamer, who dreams and dreams of the most outrageous things, which can't really come true unless i live in a movie or one of those magical fiction slash chick-lit books i love getting lost in.

so yea, i guess i can be optimistic. and i proved that to myself last week. i had this interview to go to. i thought it would be a cake walk. when i say "thought" i mean believed with all conviction. i thought i'd just walk in and get it. so it wouldn't take rocket-science to figure out the kind of "vibes" i was sending out to the all powerful universe! i was so sure i'd make it and that it would be so simple that i probably wouldn't even want the job!


the interview was like one of those vague dreams you have , where you don't really know if you're actually present there or you're watching from behind a screen or something. my brain walked out on me the second i stepped into the MD's office. et tu brain-e?! there are like a thousand chairs to sit on and dump your bag and file and unnecessary paraphernalia (why does anyone carry these things to an interview anyway?), i dump mine on a chair and dump my behind on the exact same one! what was i thinking? i'll tell you.  abso-friggin-lutely nothing! then i get asked to 'please' find a place for my unimpressive weaponry on the next chair. by then i'm already two steps behind my AWOL brain. then i get asked to place my pen on the table, which i understand was quite nervously clicking itself away to madness in my fingers. as if it wasn't enough that my body was doing things without my permission i could feel my face doing the same thing. jim carey and rowen atkinson would've been proud had i been a voluntary student of comedy! hey, anyone know if they ever made good office administration staff? didnt think so.

i could go on about the interview, but my pride doesn't think its a good idea.

right now i'm unemployed and looking for a time machine... so much for not wanting an easy job!

so after my bumbling baboon act, i'm thinking... SECRET-SCHMECRET!

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  1. why didnt you like do comic journalism or something??? if theres any such thing?caused a riot of laughter in just won the nobel prize in my world for making me laugh. hhyahahahah.keep up buddy. NiDhI