Sunday, October 11, 2009

de ja vu!

watched "wake up sid!"

ever had this happen to you, when one day you think some random thought and suddenly it seems like everyone knows? i like it sometimes, but there are these few times when i feel like i'm caught off guard. it's ever so eerie to go watch a seemingly innocent movie, and feel exposed! all of a sudden it's like someone just read your diary or something.

i'm no karan johar fan, and by extension, not up for dharma productions too much either. but i would have to admit that i fell for the psuedo-artsy flick quite easily. ayaan mukherji's got it going here; screenplay, direction and story..not bad. the actors helped too...all of them, each and every one.

of course it baffles me how in our commercial movies things work out so easy.. konkona is a day old in bom... i mean MUM-bai and she has an interview with a big-shot magazine already, never has to work hard to get anything, and although she's new as hell there, she manages to get fresher-sid in ..just like that! (ok i know they've time-constraints, but c'mon!) if things worked so easy i'd have an awesome job right now.. (sour grapes anyone?) and how very convenient that he's an awesome photographer without a single day of formal training.. thank you nikon! technology's the new-age genie! but her secret clearly lies in telling the boss that he's handsome ... look where it got her! plus jazz dates with the handsome boss..wisdom i tell ya!

and what's with the ultra-clean , white as hell bathroom at aisha's? who'd have thought that a dump like that flat could have that sort of bathroom? anyone who's lived on rent will know what i'm talkin about.. sitting on the floor of the bathroom in good clothes, writing an article? my bathroom's clean and dry, but i'm not sitting there right now typing this..

the dialogues in the movie are sure to remind everyone of hundreds of conversations they've had with friends and family at different points of time in life... sure is something that this movie should come out right now, when i'm done with college, mooching off my poor dad, with nothing much to do...and just while i was considering a career in journalism... hmm, what's with vibes, blah and the universe!?

thank goodness i didnt flunk though... that'd be rough. i'm not particularly good at photography, i dont have a "chhotu", no credit card and my dad didn't invent flower showers.. most importantly, no aisha with a handsome boss to get me a job. phew!


  1. dude i was just about to start writing a blog on wake up sid today... it was nice... so very rosy... you're right... and whats with decorating and doing up the apartment? not cheap to turn a place thats been shut for donkey's years and turn it into oh so wonderful girl's home... 'tumhe is flat ko ghar banane mein meri madad karni hogi!'

    and for heaven's sake, what is with konkona and her hair and her kurtas and her attitude which started right from page 3 and still continues in the same manner... whoever said the woman was versatile! she's not... she's just not!

  2. hi, thnks for visiting my blog...

  3. ahem... 'thanks for visiting my blog'? are you really saying that to me? dude come on...

  4. dude, thats another roshni ... i visted her blog, so she thanked me... :) funny.