Saturday, February 20, 2010


most times i do not plan. i just flow with the current and do whatever is expected of me at that moment. can't say the "flowing" is smooth, but bump, thud, crash... i manage. then, for a change when i think, "hmm, things aren't going so bad..." i plan. not down to the last detail, coz i'm assuming that wouldn't be a very good idea considering all the extraneous factors that i will not be able to control or foresee. so i plan, a safe skeletal plan that doesn't need specifics to work.


dear old lady luck! never was a friend of mine. suddenly everything changes. there are all these new options and the one thing i thought would remain constant has an identity crisis and does a back-flip straight out of my life! so then what am i left with? well, i'm no math whiz, but i'd be sure i'm ONE DREAM AND ONE PLAN SHORT! expert planners would say that this is where the back-up plan makes an entrance. wha..? my first plan was barely a plan, and as far as my back-up goes , it only has the word "plan" in it. i'm not sure that's any good.

now i'm sort of plan-less... i mean i think i have a plan, i'm not sure it's any good, 'coz most of the time i'm kinda hoping this one doesn't work and the old one magically does. so much for back-up...
so i'm staring into a crystal ball not quite sure about what i'm seeing... some may say it's a serious case of short-sightedness, but my doctor says i'm fine. i'm not focussed you say? duh! i was, till PLAN-A went bust!

so i guess it's limbo then till a pair of corrective glasses and a "plan" of some sort. and till then, i'm thinking, when people tell me "you should get a plan" i'm saying "you should take a hike!"

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