Saturday, April 7, 2012

the trials of moving to JLT - continued

after missing the metro two times in a row, i knew it wasn't wise to hope that the next one would be any less crowded. it wasn't wise to stand around trying to look cool either. these people can easily spot an amateur, especially if you look like me when i try to act like i know what i'm doing. somewhere between underestimating the crowd and being shocked out of my brains, i had decided it was safe to make myself comfortable on the bench while i waited, much like the hare who underestimated the tortoise and ended up looking much like the fool i looked like right now.

feeling sheepish, and thanking dear goodness that people were too busy to notice the shenanigans i'd been up to, i sprang off the cold metal bench a changed person. if i had to make it to work today i had to man up and get my game face on! trying to look nonchalant, i slyly inched towards one of the doors - keeping a respectable distance, not wanting to look as desperate as i actually was. one eye on the clock and the other on this tiny lady who'd hopped off the escalator and stood one step ahead of me (clearly with a game plan), i was ready. in my head i was joan of arc.

the next few seconds were a blur. i don't quite remember what happened, and suddenly i was inside the train watching left over losers float by to the right. i made it! i was in there! jammed between some woman's bag and some dude's elbow i felt triumphant... someone's shampooed (thankfully) head was in my face, but for now i couldn't care less. if there was some part of my body that i could move, i'd be doing a victory dance. JLT, here i come.

when the party in my head was over, the elbow in my shoulder started feeling real, the smell of the shampoo ruined any chance of oxygen i had and the bag on my left seemed to want to challenge me to a fight. sigh. level two is harder.


i'm guessing the struggle with the metro will go on forever. but apart from that, JLT is beautiful. great food, great view, great fashion.

gotta shop. see ya on the metro!


  1. Your writing never fails to make me smile--and laugh. Love it!
    Hope you got through level two without too much of a struggle. I guess you just have to become hardened enough to make it to the top and become a seasoned player. ;)

    1. :) thank you... i've started taking the metro from another station so it's a little better. on some lucky days i actually get to sit!! sitting's good 'coz: makes it easier to stare at people , i don't have to smell anyone's breath, don't lose balance when i try to move the hair out of my face or cover my mouth when i want to yawn. hurray for lucky days :)