Tuesday, November 27, 2012

that awkward moment when...


i haven't really socialized in ages. i mean i haven't actually met anyone new, not casually nor romantically. i meet family, i meet colleagues and i meet old friends. i seriously don't know a single person today that i didn't know 2 years ago! work takes up most part of my day, then there's the metro (!!!) which takes up all the left over bits. so yea, zero time to socialize. sadly, unlike my optimistic post about how awesome JLT was gonna be (kill me, please), this whole arrangement just plain stinks! and i have to admit that this has had a negative impact on my... you know... awesomeness (??..ahem). i meant people skills. 

case in point...
so the other day, as usual, i get into the metro late in the evening; when people doze off and wake up with a start every time the metro announces that we're nearing a stop. it was one of those days when i was tempted to just stretch and fall asleep. while i sat there dreaming of my warm bed at home, i yawned. a big fat yawn. a yawn you never want to see. a yawn that's monstrous. the type of yawn that brings tears to your eyes! when my blurry eyes clear, i see (for the first time in ages) sitting there right across from me, this angel-faced- angel-man! he wasn't just cute, he was also looking at me.


previous incidents in my life will affirm, that it has been firmly established that my brain hits the "emergency stop" button every time i'm in desperate need. i stare back at this person, half in shock, half stalling 'coz i couldn't think of anything better to do. just when i mentally slap myself in the face in a bid to snap out of it and act normal, he waves at me.

more stuff for that traitor brain to process. blankness prevails. again.

ever since cell phones became an integral part of everyone's lives, it has been used for various purposes. most important of which, is to help you pretend you're busy when you're actually just feeling awkward and self conscious. so a few whole minutes of vacant owl like staring later, that's what i decide to do. corners of my brain shouted "he saw you yawn!!" but i had a phone to look for. 

of course, you can never find anything in my stupid bag (i'm not sure why i carry it around. everywhere. everyday). so, with one eye in the bag that i stole from mary poppins, right hand frantically searching, i checked if cutie mcangel-face was still looking. the smile on his face was now beginning to look more scarfused (scared+confused) and less messenger-of-god-like. i'm still rummaging through my bag (if you can call it that... people have told me i could hide a corpse in it) and my phone starts ringing in my left hand. 

such a picture of poise, grace and class i must cut. ugh.

somewhere between my supposedly therapeutic "deep breaths" and trying to figure out how to use a phone, mister mcface found better things to do in life and got off the train... never to be seen again.

and i wonder why i'm single.

i know there's a lesson to be learnt in all of this. maybe i need to get out more - meet new people, talk to them, be spontaneous and friendly...
nah! i just need a new bag.


  1. you are brilliant. you know... brilliant. :-*

  2. Another 'divine' encounter on the metro that you just let pass.sigh!

  3. chechi yaar!!! what an idiot you are na...wish i was there would have got you two talking only...

  4. Hehe. Finally got around to checking your blog out. It is awesome!

  5. I totally get what u mean!!! Brain freeze sucks!!! I get it a lot!!

  6. are you kidding me ?you and SHY ????really ?you bigot !!

  7. hey bimbo you got married to that fat guy ..aren't you ?